Every day in North Carolina, approximately three people die due to opioid overdose. Nationally, the President’s Economic Advisory Council estimated that the opioid epidemic cost our nation more than $500 billion in 2015.

Home Sellers have an important role to play in confronting this crisis. Open houses have become a target because they present easy access for those who seek prescription drugs. To prevent drug diversion during home showings and open houses, please review the following guidelines.

Before Open Houses or Showings:

  • Safely dispose of addictive prescription painkillers. Take advantage of medicine drop box locations. Flushing these drugs down the toilet or throwing them away is not a good alternative to safe disposal. A list of disposal programs can be found below.
  • Home sellers who need their prescription medication should secure any prescription drugs in locked containers or remove them from the house to a safe location the same way they would a wallet or a dangerous weapon.

Medicine Disposal Programs

Preventing Opioid Misuse and Diversion